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  1. Rink van der Wal

    The Irish wild salmon stock is of incredible value emotionally and economically if managed in a proper way. Farming salmon is a huge threat to the wild population and will only provide short term gain. This has to be managed for the long term and salmon farms simply do not fit into that. Ireland has a huge potential to attract sports fisherman from all over the world, that potential is still largely untapped but will never be available when short sighted plans like this will go ahead. Stop before it is too late !!


    After all the research showing how devastating salmon farms can be by their huge populations of sea lice and destruction of the sea bed underneath cages and toxic algae blooms (see satellite photos in this months Trout & Salmon Magazine of Shetland Isles), the Minister is still going ahead with this crazy plan which will destroy the angling tourism, blight the areas involved with unsightly cages, pollute the water involved with tonnes of chemicals to try to control sea lice, destroy the sea bed and allow toxic algae blooms to kill wild fish. Surveys carried out in Scotland and Canada have shown this form of aquaculture to be an environmental disaster, usually run by Norwegian companies. This landscape and environment is unique Irish heritage which should be cherished and protected, not exploited for a financial gain which causes so much pollution & destruction. Shame on the Minister!

  3. Bernard Keiley

    The Irish Goverment will make a terrible mistake if they go ahead with this scheme for Salmon fish farms.As a regular visitor to Ireland fishing my friends and I will be looking at other places to go if this scheme goes ahead.


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