Recommending All Clad Cookware

all clad cookware set
If you are a foodie and wish to get that extra taste in your food, look no further – All Clad Cookware is the right option for you. We have used All Clad Cookware Master Chef MC2 cookware set, and we are really happy with this product. The best part about All Clad cookware is that it is made of top-notch quality material that does not react with the food. We love cooking, but becomes lazy when we have to clean up the utensils. Cleanup is a breeze with this best cookware set.

Hats off to the crew behind this invincible product – with robust construction and attractive design, it is sure to please you. Brushed aluminum alloy in the outer layer adds to its aesthetic appeal. All Clad cookware also gets heated up quickly and evenly, so that you could enjoy food like never before. Make sure that you cook the food in low or medium flame for the best results.

We really appreciate the value that this unique product offers for the money spend. I really love it when All Clad cookware set shines like a sun in our kitchen; it is really great value for money. This product is suitable for an individual or small family. The only downside that we felt with this product is that it is not compatible with induction cooktop. If you could pardon this concern, or if you love cooking on gas tops like us, then you would definitely love this product. If you are the kind of person who would love to be immersed in the kitchen, just go for All Clad cookware. This smart product would never let you down.

One of the Best Cookware Set Brands


Chipotle Peach Salsa

I was looking for the best cookware set brands to handle my basic needs at the kitchen without breaking my bank or stretching myself beyond my budget. I wasn’t much concerned about the fancy brands from reputed manufacturers that would price a set double just because of their name tags when similar models could be available at far lesser prices and serving the same basic purpose. That being said, I wouldn’t mind to have stay-cool handles for ease of grip and multi-ply constructions in my set if those were available within my budget.

After some dedicated online search and discussions with friends and family, I narrowed my search to either the T-Fal E918SC, Cook N Home Non-Stick soft handle, or the Simply Calphalon Nonstick sets. All of them were well within my budget, though each set had their own individual pros and cons. For instance, the Calphalon set was constructed with hard-anodized aluminum and was thus durable and could provide uniform heat. However, there were some complaints that the nonstick surface would wear off after some time and the set could not be washed in dishwashers. The T-Fal set had a unique spot at its center which would brighten up once the ware would get heated, indicating that it was ready for cooking. The set was also dishwasher safe, had extremely durable nonstick coating, and came in 12 pieces that covered most of my cooking needs. The only disadvantages were it did not have stay-cool handles and the saute pans did not have lids. There were also complaints that the set was not that ideal at high temperatures.

The cookware set that I finally decided to purchase was the Cook N Home brand. It came in 15 pieces, had cool, feel soft handles for ease of carrying and the handles were coated with silicon to prevent them from slipping. It was made of heavy gauge aluminum and also came in with tempered glass lids. The only disadvantage was the set wasn’t adequately heat resistant like the other set, but then when I cook something I am normally stationed in front of the oven at all times and can control temperatures whenever required. The best thing was it was well within my budget and so I opted for this set.

I have been using this set for the past couple of years now, and every time I use it I stir up quite a dish, whether that be for parties or when we eat meals at home. I guess this is one of the best cookware set brands in the market today, and I would never hesitate to recommend it to anyone whoever is wanting to buy a new set and is willing to listen to my advice!

The Best Carving Knives

slicing knife
When it comes to slicing thin cuts of meat, including hams, poultry, hams and other large cooked meats, acquiring a quality set of carving knives is the utmost priority. Carving knives are much thinner than chef’s knives, enabling them to carve thinner slices of meat.

Shopping for the best carving knife can be tricky if you have no experience there. Most carving knives out there come in sets, with the knife accompanied by a fork. The fork is as paramount as the knife itself, ensuring that the meat is smoothly cut with minimal rolling about on the board. Below is a brief description of some of the best carving knife sets around:

The Kai Shun
This is probably the best carving knife set out there. It’s inspired of course by the centuries-old Samurai sword-forging technique. It is of unrivaled sharpness and ensures minimal wastage.

The Mercer culinary genesis 8-inch carving knife
Made of stainless German steel, comfortable with a secure grip. It is one of the best carving knife out there you can buy. It is ideal for cutting roasted meat and poultry with ease.

Black and Decker EK700 9-inch electric carving knife
If you’re looking for a knife that slices both tough and soft meats alike, you should probably go for this one. This one is ideal since the blades can be conveniently detached to facilitate washing. It’s affordable, has a safety lock that prevents it from starting accidentally, is made of stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. The only downside is that this carving knife is cordless.

Robert Welch
A renowned chef himself, this carving knife set is named after him. It has a long-curved blade and is ideal for slicing those delicate slices of meat in a single stroke.

The Sabatier Professional 2 Piece Carving Knife
This is another ideal carving knife out there. This design is more than 150 years old! This blade is also difficult to blunt, but unbelievably easy to sharpen.

Tips on Caring For Your Kitchen Knives

kitchen knife
Keep your blade honed and sharpened

Culinary students learn on their very first day: A dull knife is a dangerous knife, because the extra force required to cut foods can mean the knife could slip and cut you. Honing and sharpening your kitchen knife regularly will keep it safe and efficient to use. First, know the difference between honing and sharpening: Honing straightens out the microscopic “teeth” that comprise the very edge of the teeth, which bend to one side as the knife is used over time, while sharpening actually abrades ultra-fine particles from the metal blade to recreate a blade.

A honing steel can help realign the blade to keep it in optimal cutting condition, while a knife sharpener will restore the blade to like-new sharpness. Sharpeners are available in a handheld rod, or in manual or electric versions where a knife is passed through a slot so that you’re abrading the edge and just the right angle.


Sharpen Your Knife

A knife that is not sharp is dangerous. It can slip off the food you’re cutting and easily cut your fingers instead. A steel should be part of your knife collection. This long, round object sharpens knives by straightening out the edge. Take a look at using a steel to see how to correctly sharpen your knives on a steel. Hold the knife in your dominant hand and the steel in the other, with the steel point pressed into a solid waist-high surface. Hold the knife base at the top of the steel at a 20 degree angle. Slowly draw the knife down the length of the steel, pulling the knife back so the entire blade, from base to tip, moves against the steel, as if you were slicing off pieces of the steel. Repeat on the other side. Do this five or six times, then rinse the knife off and dry immediately. Make sure you sharpen each side the same number of times to retain the knife’s balance.

Wash your knife properly

It’s not hard to do. Just use a sponge or dishcloth and warm, soapy water to wash the blade and the handle. Rinse it afterwards with warm water and immediately dry the knife with a dry dishtowel.